Scott Basehore Custom Box Calls

  I started making turkey calls in 1985.  I thought it would be great to take a turkey using a call which I had made.  While guiding and hunting across the country more people saw my calls and began to order them.

   My calls are not mass produced but built one at a time, and worked according to each individual piece of wood.  If I don't feel confident that the call will call in turkeys, it will not be sold.  If for any reason you are not satisfied with one on my calls I will replace it or refund the money.

  Through the years I have truly been blessed by not only the awards that I have been lucky enough to win, but more importantly the friends Cindy and I have made because of the competition and call making.  

  God Bless and safe hunting    Scott

Thanks for your interest in my calls and best of luck in the woods!
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